2020 YZ450FX now available

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Yamaha Motor Australa is pleased to announce the release of the 2020 YZ450FX enduro machine.

The YZ450FX will be available in Team Yamaha Blue and White colour scheme, with a ready to ride price of $14,199 RRP incl GST. Price and specifications are unchanged from the heavily updated 2019 YZ450FX model.

All 2020 units feature updated graphics and are supplied with a recreational rego kit fitted, making it eligible for rec rego in applicable states.

Key features include programmable fueling and ignition engine mapping via the Yamaha Power Tuner smartphone app, as well as a handlebar mounted switch that allows the rider to alternate between two pre-loaded maps on the fly.

Large diameter (270mm) front brake disc, and a bilateral beam frame with FX-specific engine mounts are matched to a 21-inch/18-inch wheel combination and enduro suspension settings. The result is an ideal balance between cornering feel and straight-line confidence.

A 8.2 litre, mass centralised fuel tank allows the rider to go harder for longer, while the narrow body design provides solid knee grip points and more room to move.

The revolutionary engine features a rearward-slanted-cylinder design for an innovative approach to mass centralisation. Concentrating the motorcycle’s heaviest components towards the centre-point achieves superior, nimble handling.

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