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Tenere 700 Accessories Now Available

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When Yamaha’s Tenere 700 was under development, our technicians were busy working on a range of must-have accessories designed to complement the new adventure bike and enhance your riding enjoyment. Each component was designed to the highest standard of fit, finish and durability.

The result is a range of tried and tested accessories of a standard you’d expect from Yamaha. Tough Australian conditions often warrant increased protection – because we ride our adventure bikes harder, longer and in a harsher environment than our European counterparts. For the adventurous rider we offer genuine protection parts like tough aluminium skid plates, engine and headlight guards, radiator protectors and more – all designed to fit seamlessly to your Tenere.

And for those heading toward the next horizon, check out the racks and aluminium luggage options – built super tough for peace of mind. For added comfort you can personalise your Tenere by tweaking ride height with a low seat and lowering link. Or go the other way by fitting a taller one-piece rally seat. Plus for added excitement, we offer an Akrapovic titanium slip-on exhaust specifically designed for the new ADV twin.

All these genuine accessories are available with an extended warranty period. If you buy genuine bolt-on accessories from a Yamaha dealer and ask them to fit them when you buy your new Tenere, you’ll get the same two year warranty period that the bike comes with.

In addition to this when purchasing your new Tenere using Yamaha’s own finance company (YMF) you can include an unlimited amount of Yamaha genuine accessories on your finance contract.

It’s worth remembering that Yamaha technicians take pride in their work, and so when they’re carrying out routine maintenance or replacing worn or damaged components, they always use Genuine Yamaha spare parts and Yamalube oils.

So be smart and keep it genuine, because your Tenere deserves only the best. Visit the ShopYamaha website now.

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